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Friendship SMS/Text Message page 06

Definition of "nothing".....
Time doesn't wait for you or me..
Days pass 'n year change,
You miss me.. I miss you,
You moved away with your loved ones,
Your life changes,
Friends change,
People change,
But your heart has
Those precious moments engraved in it
If you want it or not,
They are always their,
Making you sad at happy times
'N happy at sad times..
You think about those lovely
'N happy days than smile :)
'N when somebody asks you the reason for that smile..
You just say

Of all the friends I've ever met.
Your the one I won't ever forget.
And if I die before you do
I'll go to heaven and wait for you.

Shakspear said, "A Boy & a Girl can never b Friends forever."
Lincoln said, "Friendship is the starting step 4 wat we call Love."
Wrdswrth said, "Proposing a Boy or a Girl for Friendship is nothing but indirectly saying, I LIKE U."
Jackie Chan said, "Love is a everlasting Friendship."
Michael Jackson said,"If 1 can become ur Best Friend, then He or She can easily bcum ur Life Partner!
this is 4 all those guyz n girlz who say,"We r just friends yar"
Education gives Quality of Life!
Money gives Quality of Respect!
Wife gives Quality of Love!
But Friendship gives Quality of Heart!

Think of me and keep in mind
A faithful friend is hard to find
But if you find one equal and true
Never leave him for the new :)

Ur validity of being my friend
is going 2 b expired today,
plz recharge ur friendship immidiately
by delivering 4-5 sweet & cool sms.So hurry

In a year I m:
365 Days Dreaming of U
8760 hours Thinking of U
5,25,600 Minutes Missing U
3,15,36,000 Seconds Treasuring U

The 10 qualities of perfect friend
1 great & brave heart
2 sweet & soft voice
3 sharp & fast brain
4 cute & stupid smile
5 loving & caring
6 confident
7 attractive
8 deep connectivity
9 power of speaking truth
10 power of hearing lie about their self

True friends see u true,
Believe in things u want to do,
Feel glad when ur dreams r true,
Best of all they dont judge u,
They simply love u coz u r u
Rose is a Flower that lives for HOUR,
But Friend is Power that lived FOREVER,
Ice is Cold can't be HOLD,
But friend is Gold can't be SOLD..

A Big Pond Full of Water
can be Emptied by a Small Hole
Similarly A Little Doubt / Disrespect / Ego / Anger
can Burn up Strong Relationship.

Best friends r like a pair of scissors,
joint 2gthr, often go in opp directions,
But they give punishment 2 those
who come between them

in life..
some know you..
some remember you..
some like you..
some understand you..
some care for you..
a TRUE FRIEND does all above &
always hopes the best for you..

A bond of love,
A medal of trust.
A shoulder in sadness,
A hand in darkness.
A special relation to hold,
An ear where secrets can be told.
An appreciator for encouragement,
Something that doesn't cost.
A jewel never to be lost.
Is the magic called

Friendship is a network that needs:
no recharge!
no roaming!
no validity!
no activation!
no signal problems!
just don't switch off your Heart.!

True friends are those,
Who care without hesitation,
Who remember without limitation,
Who forgive without explanation &
Who trust without communication.

"Friends" are like balloons
once u let them go
u cant ever get them back
thats y I ll tie u
tight to my heart
As u r precious to lose.

Life is 5 star
Mother is top star
Father is king star
Teacher is Ultimate star
Lover is action star
But A friend is the

My heart's like an open book,
it depends on how u read me.
Don"t judge me by my cover..
Look in and discover..
i will be ur True friend for ever...

Magic Words For A
Great Relationship Are,
" I Love You "
" Just The Way You Are "

Imagine If All "Relationships" R Perfect:
Dream Come True..
Without These, There Would Be...
Now Would You Want It To Be Perfect
As precious as u r to me,
As precious no one can ever be,
I know friends r hard to choose,
But u r a friend I never want to lose.

The ball can escape from bat,
The rat can escape from cat,
But u cannot escape from
"MY HEART U R Always my good friend"


Most relationships tend to FAIL for 2 reasons
Not because of the ABSENCE of love. Love is always PRESENT.
It's just that
and the other

Words begin with ....A....B....C....
Number begin with....1....2....3....
Music begin with....SA....RE....GA....
FRIENDSHIP begins with....'

Sacrifice is greater than love,
Character is greater than beauty,
Humanity is greater than wealth,
But nothing is greater than friendship.
Good Relations doesn't need
any promises any terms or conditions..
it just need two wonderful people.
One cool like me..
one sweet like u!

A lovely star dropped on earth one night.
Asked me u want a million dollar or a good friend?
I choosen to have million dollars.
Because I already have you :)

A relationship is not based on
the Length of time you Spent Together,
It’s based on the Foundation you Built Together.
Never ever try to test friendship
because friends are like diamonds
when you hit them they don't break
but may slip away from your life

The sweetness of choclate remians
in tongue for some minutes but the
sweetness of person like you remains
in heart forever and ever always.

Behind ur smile I know there r sorrows,
Behind ur laughter I know there r tears,
And I want u 2 know that behind u
I am always there 4 u.(Friend Forever)

Deep like OCEAN.
High like SKY.
Strong like IRON.
Kind like MOTHER.
& cute like ME.

A friend is sweet when it is new...
it is sweeter when it is true....
but you know that.....
it is the sweetest when it is you..."

"FRIENDSHIP" is a sim,
which has no activation charges.
Free incoming and outgoing
with roaming all over the world
and it's validity "NEVER ENDs"...

If we are alone for the punishment,
we feel very shy and uncomfortable
but .....
If we are in a group for punishment,
we feel very proud..
that's the true friendship.
I m not Wealthy but i have Rich Heart,
I m not Best but i will try my Best,
I may not be Right every time but
I m Surely not Wrong to choose U as my Friend !

True meaning of friendship:
Where there is no compromise
in telling the secret.
And there is no secret
for which u need to compromise.

Dear Friend,
Just to tell you that
when everyone is rushing
ahead in life....
Thanks for pausing &
giving a thought for me.
Your presence has
such a positive influence on me.
I admire you.

Friendship is a promise spoken by the heart
is not given by plege, nor written on paper,
but promise renewed everytime friends keep in touch.

Don't love a friend like a flower,
Because a flower dies in season.
Love them like a river,
Because a river flows forever.

Good Relations Are
Like Needles of clock,
They only meet for
Sometime but
Always stay connected.

A daily thought
A silent tear
A Constant wish
that u r near...
Words are few
but thoughts r deep...
Memories of our friendship
i will always keep

I've learned many things from my Friends
They gave me the tricks for a stupid activity
They gave me money when I'm empty in college canteen
They raise their hands towards me for good-bye when I'm leaving them
They love me
They care me
I love them too..
But still I've a complaint
Still They don't teach me 1 thing
You know what?
They don't teach me
How to live without them
Dedicated 2 my Friends . . .

From MY side to YOU-
knowing a friend like u
has made me happy in
a million ways and if
I ever have to let u go...
i'll find a million reasons to make u stay. :)

If u are a chocolate you are the SWEETEST,
If u are a teddy bear you are the most HUGGABLE,
If u are a star you are the BRIGHTEST,
and since you are my friend...U R THE BEST !!!

Sometimes, people don't understand
the need of important person or friend,
They find the space empty!

Roses are pink
as pink as your lips
stars are bright
as bright as your eyes
Apples are red
as red as your cheeks
Snow is white
as white as your teeth
Dew is fresh
as fresh as your face
Night is black
as black as your hair
Breeze is soft
as soft as your voice
Dawn is warm
as warm as your touch
The sky is beautiful
as beautiful as you
And the world is good
as good as your heart
so i m lucky u r my friend
Life is so stupid.
An Ordinary person Makes u smile
A very special person Alwayz Makes us Cry.
Still, We Care for the Special One.

Dear O Dear,
You are not Near,
But I can Hear,
Dont Get Fear,
Your memories Here,
Live with Cheer,
No more Tear!.......

Im Praying tht Our Friendship Will Never Come 2 an End..
I Wish that It will Last. . Until..
U Can see an Apple in an Orange Tree on the 30th Of Feb:-)

Unredtsanding btewene ecah ohter
is rael fierndsihp eevn
we hvae so mnay msitkase lkie htis msseaeg,
btu i konw u cna raed wtihotu erorr.
That's friendship.:)

A friend is never a coincidence in your life,
they are meant to enter your life
to bring you joy and laughter.
So, i will treasure the friendship between us.

Life is like a novel.
Many chapters read and forgotten.
But there is one I wont forget.
It's the chapter
"I met u and we became friends".
Trust, Respect, Loyalty, and Communication:
4 essential parts of a successful relationship.

"Long" love is Mother's love
"Sweet" love is Father's love
"Short" love is Lover's love
"Strong" love is FRIENDSHIP LOVE.
So always Love me.

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