Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sunday SMS

Sunday Matlab:
S MatlabSoteRaho.
U MatlabUthoSubahDeri Se
N MatlabNahao Mat
D MatlabDekhteRaho TV
A MatlabAishKaro
Y MatlabYaadKaroHamko
Happy Sunday :)
I Know I Am Going To Miss You
A Lot Today On This Special Day
But I Understand That You Need
To Give Some Time To Your Family As Well.
So Have A Wonderful Sunday
With Your Parents And Wish You
With Loads Of Fun And Frolic.
Sunday Is A Great Day,
Because Today I Can Send A Message
To One Of My Dearest Friends.
I Wish You The Best Of Days!
I Wish You All The Best This Sunday,
Hope You Be Happy,
Healthy And Prosperous On This Beautiful Day.
May All Your Wishes Come True.
It Is That Time Of The Week Again,
Where Friends And Families
Get Together And Have Gala Of Time Talking,
Drinking And Eating.
Wish You A Happy And Joy Filled Sunday
With Your Loved Ones.
A Day Free From Work.
It Is A Day To Connect
With Your Long Lost Friends.
Go Ahead And Call One Of Them
And Make Them Feel Special.
Do Something Different Today.
Enjoy You Sunday To The Fullest.
I Know You Have Been Waiting
For This Day The Entire Week
And Now That Is Sunday,
I Wish All Your Plans
For This Day Work To Well
To Your Expectations.
Have a Memorable Holiday.
May This Sunday Bring You
Out Of Stress And All Bad Things Of The Week
So You Can Start A New Week
With A Fresh And Happy Mood.
Have A Lovely Day!
After Working For A Long Week
Finally A Day Of Rest Is Here.
Sit Back, Relax And Enjoy Your Day
With Lots Of Enjoyment
All Through The Day.
Have A Happy And a Wonderful Sunday.
I'm Sending You Some Sunshine This Sunday
In This Short Sms.
Hoping It Will Brighten Up Your Day
And Alleviate Any Stress.
Take This Sunshine That I'm Sending
And Place In Your Heart.
Have A Beautiful Sunday!
Sundays Are Good For
Going To Church And Giving God Praise
For All That He Has Brought You Through
Throughout The Week,
Amidst How Things May Look Give God
All The Praise And Have A Nice Sunday.
After Eating A Lovely Sunday Dinner,
And Eating Some Ice Cream,
Go Out Enjoy The Day And Relax Your Mind.
Prepare For The Week Ahead,
Get Well Rested And Have A Great Sunday.
This Is Your Weekly Sunday Wake Up Sms
To Let You Know That I'm Thinking Of You.
You're Always In My Thoughts.
I Hope Today Will Be A Great Day
For You And You Will Accomplish All Your Plans.
Make A Decision To Enjoy This Sunday
No Matter What Comes Your Way.
Embrace This Day With Gladness
Even If Your Blue Skies Turn Grey.
Enjoy Life's Little Blessings And
Be Thankful For Another Day.
Have A Nice Sunday!
Relax And Unwind
From The Stresses Of The Past Week.
Make Lasting Memories Today.
Let Your Hair Down And Do Something
Fun And Exciting.
Don't Allow This Beautiful Day
To Go To Waste.
Have A Great Sunday!
Good Morning Sunday!
It's So Wonderful To See You.
I'm Thankful For The Breath Of Life
And That I Got Another Chance
To See The Light Of Day.
I Hope The Sun That Came
Along With You Will Shine Throughout The Day.
Today Will Be A Wonderful Day.
I Can Feel It In My Bones.
Can You Feel It Too?
I Plan To Make The Most Of This Day.
Endeavor To Do The Same Thing Too.
Happy Blessed Sunday!
I Hope This Sunday
Will Be A Great Start To Your Week.
I Hope That It Will Be Filled With Joy,
Peace And All The Treasures That You Seek.
Wishing You A Happy Sunday Morning!
Take A Look Outside,
The Sun Has Come Out.
It's Shining In All Its Glory And Chased Away The Clouds.
It's Such A Wonderful Day
To Put Your Feet Up And Relax.
It's The First Day Of The Week,
So Enjoy It To The Max.
Happy Sunday
It's A New Day Filled With New Blessings
And Opportunities.
Grasp Them With Both Hands
And Don't Let Them Slip Away.
Indulge In Every Second And
Live Life To The Fullest Today.
Have A Great Sunday!
Every SunDay Starts With Some 'Expectation'
Every SunDay Ends with Some 'Experience'
This is Life.
So, Enjoy The SunDay Every Day.
Happy Sunday!!
Life is just like painting
Draw the lines with prayers
Erase The Errors With REPENTANCE
Dip the brush with lots of patience
And Colour It With Family LOVE ..
Happy Sunday Morning..!!
Have a blessed Sunday
Sunday is the golden
clasp that binds together
the volume of the week.
Enjoy Sunday!
I can live at Sunday without
all of my luxury but there is
one thing I can't exist
and that is you.
Happy Sunday morning my dear
Our pleasure at Saturday night is countless,
Free from study, work, but not from one thing
and that is sleeping..:-)
Because tomorrow is Sunday, so have a Fun day..:-)
I Wish That You Start Your Day
In The Right Tone And End It With The Same Note.
Wish You A Very Good Sunday Morning
And I Hope You Spend Each Moment Of This Day
With A Lot Of Happiness.
Happy Sunday
We Dream Every Day.
Today Is A Chance To Make That Dream Come True.
Take A Step Forward And Believe In Yourself.
Have Confidence In Yourself And
Show The World That You Can Do Whatever You Want To.
Wish You Have An Electrifying Sunday.
May Your Sunday Be Brighter Than Your Past.
May You Come Across With Lots Of Adventure
And Enjoyment So That You Wait
For The Next Sunday To Come
So That You Can Enjoy It To The Core.
Have An Exciting Sunday.
Sunday Is An Inspiration To Work.
We Work All Round The Week And
Then Finally Its Sunday.
So Make Maximum Out Of This Day
And Make It Simply The Best
So That You Are Cheered Up For The Week.
Happy Sunday.
Wish You Lots Of Fun On This Sunday.
Kick Off Your Worries,
Dance And Shake,
Take A Break And Make It A Day
That Is Absolutely Great.
Have A Brilliant Sunday.
We Work For Six Days A Week
And Sunday Is Day To Relax.
Take This Day As A Chance
To Live Your Dreams.
Do That One Thing That Makes You Really Happy.
Wish You The Best Sunday Ever.
Before The Sun Rises
Today Let Me Beautify Each Of Its Rays
With Lots Of Serenity And Success
For You And Your Loved Ones.
Wish You A Happy Sunday Morning.
Hello, Good Evening Sunday!
I Heard That Your Day
Was A Little Bit Rough.
I Hope That Won't Dampen Your Spirits
If You Don't Mind,
Let's Watch A Funny Movie
To Lift Up Your Mood Tonight.
Sunday Is A Miraculous Day
When You Can Do All The Pending Work And Relax.
Take This Day As An Opportunity
To Ease Yourself From All The Worries In Life
Have A Happy Sunday.
A New Day In A New Way
With Sunday On Its Way.
It Is The Best Day To Cheer You Up
And Relieve You From Your Tensions.
I Wish You Have A Beautiful Sunday Ahead.
Sunday Is A Lazy Day.
Sleep For An Extra Hour.
Forget About The Daily Chores.
Take The Easy Way
Today And Sit Back And Relax.
Have A Very Relaxing Sunday.
Sunday, The Best Day
To Have Fun With Your Friends And Family.
Go Out And Enjoy Yourself.
Take A Break And Shake A Leg.
Break The Rules And Energize Yourself.
Wish You An Amazing Sunday.
Sunday Is A Special Day,
Unique In Its Own Way,
Having Lots Of Enjoyment And Fun.
May You Have A Delightful Sunday
So That You Are Energized
For The Coming Week.
After Working For A Long Week
Finally A Day Of Rest Is Here.
Sit Back, Relax And Enjoy Your Day
With Lots Of Enjoyment
All Through The Day.
Have A Happy And a Wonderful Sunday.
Make This Sunday A Very Lazy One
Lie In Bed Late If You Want To
And Forget About The Chores.
Forget The Fast Lane And Take It Easy Today.
Have A Great Sunday!

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