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Love SMS / Text Message Page 06

We think abt it.
Sing abt it, Dream abt it
Loose sleep worrying abt it
When we dnot know we have
It, we search for it .
When we discover it, we dont
Know wh8 to do wid it .
When we have it, we fear
Loosing it.
Its d constant source
Of pleasure & pain
We dont know whch it'll b
From one moment to d Next.
Its a short word,
Easy to spell, Difficult to define
Impossible to live without ... (:

I feel you
In every stone
In every leaf of every tree
That you ever might have grown
I feel you
In everything
In every river that might flow
In every seed you might have sown I feel you
In every vain
In every beating of my heart
Each breath i take.
I feel you

"Long" love is Mother's love
"Sweet" love is Father's love
"Short" love is Lover's love
"Strong" love is FRIENDSHIP LOVE.
So always Love me.

I'm sorry if I have caused you pain,
and much more pain that i might have
and could have caused her...
I'm sorry for my fragility
--that must have been a great burden to you...
I'm sorry for making you feel worried about me,
when I FIRMLY believe you're not supposed to.
I'm sorry to have
a part of my brain and my heart
believe that there was a "slight" truth when you told me
you love me..
I'm sorry...
I love you...

Love is a divine feeling
But when u lost love u r lost
love is the strongest intangible thing
A weapon that makes u strong
can hurt more than a bullet

Multiply it by infinity
take it to the depth
of forever
you will still only have
a glimpse of how much
I love you

7 reasons positive emotions are good 4 ur heart:
1-Laughter makes blood flow more freely
2-Hugs release Oxytocin and remove stress from the body
3-When you meet someone that ur heart goes crazy for, your heart gets a workout
4-Spending time with a loved one lowers blood pressure
5-Love letters may lower blood cholesterol
6-Holding hands calms nerves
7-A positive attitude lowers the risk of heart attack

Love begins with a smile
Grows with a kiss
Ends with a teardrop

Love is 2 souls
intertwined in such a way
you can't find their meeting place
nor can you tear it apart
it is one embodiment of
pure pleasure & pain ,
joy & sorrow

Love your love so much that
u Dont have to ask,
'With whom u were?'
Trust ur friend that much that
u Dont have to tell,
'Dont tell dis 2 anyone'

Why Do I Love You ???
You Are
Always Have Been
My DREAM ...

Love Has Nothing To Do With What U r Expecting To Get -
Only With What U Are Expecting To Give -
Which Is Everything

A special LUNCH 4 u,
In de hotel of my Heart,
A boul of love,
A spoon of care,
In the pot of Happiness,
Dish is friendship,
Pay the bill

is not about whom
you have known the longest..
Who came first...
Who cares the best...
It's all about WHO CAME & NEVER LEFT.

Love Plus
The fun in together
The sad in apart
The hope in tomorrow
The joy in heart !

Do Not Seek
The " Because "
In Love There Is
No " Because "
No " Reason "
No "Explanation "
No " Solution "

I Sought For LOVE
But LOVE Ran Away From Me ...
I Sought My SOUL
But SOUL Couldn't See ...
I Sought YOU
And I Found All THREE ...

The Worst Thing You
Can Do For Love Is,
Deny It
When You Find That
Special Someone
Don't Let Anyone Or
Anything To Get It
Your Wat ... :)

Trust is like a sticker,
Once it's removed,
it may stick again
but not as strongly as it held
when u first applied.
Take care of relations.

The most useful asset
of a person is not a head
full of knowledge
but a heart full of love,
with ears open to listen,
and hands willing to help...

Love of my life
Angel of my life
My precious bride
Mother of my child
For you I will pay the price
I miss the love in your eyes

"If there ever comes a day
when we can't be together....
Keep me in your heart,
I will stay there forever."

I'm a PAPER,
u can write ur feelings,
scribble ur anger,
use me 2 absorb tears.
Don't throw me after use but
when u feel cold burn me
to feel warm cause I Love you.

One day u will ask me:
What is more important to you,
me or your life?
I will say: my life
You will walk away from me
without knowing that U R MY LIFE!!!

Once A Boy Asked His Girlfriend
"What Would You Do If I Cheat
On You ??"
Then The Girl Replied,
"Trusting You Is My Decision
And Proving Me Right Is your Choice"!

Having a BoyFriend or GirlFriend is not LOVE
Having someone in your life on whom
You have blind faith that
Even if you hurt them to the extreme
They will still hold your hand & say
"I was, I am, n I will ALWAYS be yours..."
That's Love, That's Life

I care for you in my own ways.
Maybe you'll never know,
maybe I'll never show. :)

A daily thought
A silent tear
A Constant wish
that u r near...
Words are few
but thoughts r deep...
Memories of our friendship
i will always keep

Someone who makes your life
seem like its worth living,
Someone who makes you feel loved,
protects you, is always there for you.
A boyfriend is also someone
you can define as the light of your life,
the beat of your heart,
the sun in your day
the stars in your night.

Lucky is the man who is the first love of a woman,
but luckier is the woman
who is the last love of a man.

Someday, Someone Will Walk In
Your Life And Make You Realize
Why It Never Worked Out With
Someone Else

One day Friendship & Love met one-another.
Love asked Friendship -
"Why do You exist if I'm there?"
So Friendship said -
"To give a Smile to those eyes in which You leave Tears."

Don't love a friend like a flower,
Because a flower dies in season.
Love them like a river,
Because a river flows forever.

One day u may ask me:
What is more important to you,
me or your life?
I will say: My life’’
You will walk away from me
without knowing that U R MY LIFE!

I can't promise to
solve all your problems,
But I can promise
you wont have to face them alone...

In the presence of ‘Hope’ ,
‘Faith’ is born
In the presence of ‘Faith’ ,
‘Love’ becomes possibility
In the presence of ‘Love’ ,
‘Miracle’ happens!
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