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Happy Birthday Wishes for your Daughter, Birthday Messages for Daughter

Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter, Birthday Messages for Daughter

Each year, we can see a lot of developments in your life.
 We are so proud of you!
We pray for more blessings to come your way.
 Happy birthday dear!

I couldn’t believe how swiftly time has passed us by.
You’re such a big girl now!
May you reach all your dreams and aspirations in life.
Have a delightful birthday! 

I can’t help to smile every time I see you.
Today, on your birthday,
 I wish you to be happy always. 

It is your birthday again.
We are so happy to see you grow up to be such a refined person.
 But I cannot help to be sad because
 I miss those days when I still cuddle you here in my arms. 

I always feel guilty whenever I fail to give you the time that you deserve to have.
 On this day, I promise to spend more time with you.
 Have a wonderful birthday!

Having you as my child made me realize how beautiful life is.
 Your smile always brightens my day.
Happy birthday sweetie!

We are gifted by a daughter like you.
 And today is the anniversary for that day.
Happy birthday to you!!

Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Dad, Dad Birthday Messages for Daughter

My dear daughter, I am lucky to have daughter like you.
And the day when you come to our life is not only celebration for you,
but also for us. Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday to a sweetest Daughter in the world.
 And I am proud that I am your Dad
Happy Birthday!!

Today is the Birthday of a special person who has given vivid colors in our life.
 It is none other than our sweetest daughter you.
 Happy Birthday to you. My daughter

I couldn’t believe how swiftly time has passed us by.
You’re such a big girl now!
May you reach all your dreams and aspirations in life.
 Have a delightful birthday!

We like to call ourselves as proud parents
to see our only daughter grow up to be a kind and wonderful young lady.
 We are just here to guide your way.
 We wish you all the best in your dreams and aspirations in life.
Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom, Mom Birthday Messages for Daughter

I may not be there to celebrate this special day with you
but you’re in my thoughts and prayers always.
 May God continue to bless and protect you.
 I miss my little angel.
 Happy birthday!
Warm hugs and kisses for you.

 I’m a blessed mom to have and keep you in my arms.
 Happy birthday!
 Whatever plans you have and no matter how far you may be,
 I’m just right here praying that you will do well in everything.

 I have loved you ever before I’ve known you.
 I have loved you more that time when I first held you in my arms.
 I will continue to love you until the end of time.
 Best wishes on your birthday!

 I’m sending you warm hugs on your birthday.
Life may have its ups and downs but I pray
that you will stand strong no matter what.
Keep the faith honey.
 Happy birthday!

 May your day be filled with precious moments and fun to come your way.
May love and happiness be with you.
 Happy birthday!

Poems for Daughters

A Daughter Like You
You're my daughter, 
and I'd just like to say, 
You bring me joy, 
each and every day.
Whenever I think, 
or look at you, 
I know I'm blessed, 
that's wonderfully true.
You're very special, 
thoughtfully care, 
A helping hand, 
always willing to share.
You're always determined, 
to achieve what's in your mind, 
Thinking of others, 
you're actions are kind.
I shall admit, 
we're a wonderful team, 
To have a daughter like you, 
was my ultimate dream.

A Poem about a Daughter

Other Half
A daughter is someone, 
you may always depend, 
With a beautiful heart, 
she's your very close friend.
About anything, you may, 
open and talk, 
Seek helpful advice, 
during a refreshing nice walk.
She will comfort you, 
when you're just feeling down, 
Understands you so well, 
every expression and frown.
A daughter is someone, 
you may joke with and laugh, 
She is clearly, 
your other half.

I Love My Daughter
I love my daughter, 
with my heart and soul, 
Having her in my life, 
makes me peaceful and whole.
She brings me joy, 
and happiness so sweet, 
When she feels pain, 
my heart skips a beat.
I love my daughter, 
she's gentle and kind, 
She's so thoughtful, 
and has a beautiful mind.
She's one of those people, 
that instinctively cares, 
Her time and knowledge, 
with others she shares.
I love my daughter, 
since her birth, I have won, 
She knows how to laugh, 
and loves to have fun.
Since she was a child, 
she'd routinely amaze, 
I'll love my daughter, 
beyond the end of my days.

Precious Rose
From the day that you were born, 
and I held you very close, 
I knew in my joyful heart, 
that you're my very precious rose.
My life changed for the better, 
I felt it in my heart, 
I just knew, for the rest of my life, 
we'd never be apart.
Months and years have passed, 
and I watched you mature and grow, 
I promised myself, forever, 
my love for you, I'll show.
I wish you a beautiful life, 
filled with joy and infinite bliss, 
I'll always be your mother, 
and my precious rose I kiss.

My Daughter
I've always been so happy, 
and way beyond just glad, 
That I have a daughter like you, 
and I get to be your dad.
Sometimes in plain old words, 
might be hard for me to express, 
But having you in my life, 
is the top of my success.
Let me tell you one thing, 
that my love for you is dear, 
Whenever you enter my mind, 
my heart beings to cheer.
I promise to always care, 
be kind, and show respect. 
I'll do everything in my power, 
to keep you safe and to protect.
It doesn't matter how old, 
the years may help you turn, 
I'll always be your father, 
who shows love and true concern.

Our Daughter
You are our daughter, 
and we love you so much, 
From the day you were born, 
and that very first touch.
You came into our lives, 
and made it much more, 
We knew right away, 
it became better than before.
We wish that you live, 
a life that's truly complete, 
Hope it's filled with adventures, 
may your memories be sweet.
We'd just like to say, 
we're tremendously proud, 
and to love you forever, 
in our hearts, we have vowed.

Special and Rare
Happy birthday, 
beautiful daughter of mine, 
When I look at you, 
your eyes always shine.
Your personality, 
I truly admire, 
Your love for life, 
is here to inspire.
It's been another, 
absolutely wonderful year, 
That I've been blessed, 
with you my dear.
Countless birthday wishes, 
I would like to share, 
With a daughter like you, 
that is special and rare.
One of these wishes, 
In my heart, I constantly feel, 
It's the love that I have for you, 
which is boundless and real.

Daughter and Bride
You look so beautiful, 
on this wedding day of yours, 
My heart is filled with joy, 
and my spirit just soars.
This day has been repeated, 
in my mind and my dream. 
You have chosen, 
a wonderful theme.
You are a splendid, 
and the luckiest bride, 
My countless emotions, 
I can no longer hide.
I'm completely ecstatic, 
for you and your groom, 
I know both your lives, 
like a flower shall bloom.
My precious daughter, 
I wish you the very best, 
May you live happily, 
and with plenty of zest.

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