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Father's Day Celebration Messages

Father's Day Messages

Dear Dad,
For u r the one,
For u r the one God counted on
For u r the one God counted on while sending me to this world
For u r the one God counted on while sending me to this world, for he
Knew i'll always need someone to talk to when no one is there for me!
Love you dad!

We wish we could tell you Daddy,
that how much you mean to us....
We have no words to say about
how much we appreciate you...
how much we admire you...
how much we thank you
for everything you've done.
We love you so much Daddy...
Happy Father's Day
Hi Dad,
You are the best. I love you so much. I don't think that even if I searched the world for years and years and years I would find someone that is as caring, as thoughtful, as hardworking as you. I love you. Happy Father's Day Dad! 

My dad and I-we think alike,
He knows just what I mean
Before I even say a word
He reads well in between. 

My dad and I-we like to fish
Or build a model plane, 

Or fix a broken chair or two
Or just a windowpane. 

My dad and I-we know the score
Of every single game; 
Sometimes he's really busy, too
But he takes me just the same. 

My dad and I-we go swimming too, 
Each year and sometimes twice. 
My dad and I-we do everything,
My dad-he's really nice.

Dad I know that i don't say you often enough but i love you very much. You are the greatest dad in whole world. I wouldn't be where i am today without you. Thanks for all you have done for me
I love you.

Dearest Papa,
Thank you making me laugh even when i was sad! Thank you for being that shining light in my darkest night! Thank You for encouraging me to waive a new dream each morning, Thank you for always being there for me in my sad days and also, the happy once..! Yes, i owe all that to you, You're my SUPERMAN, BATMAN, and SPIDER MAN. Yes Daddy, You're my BEST MAN!
Happy Fathers' Day!
Love You Always
Your Little Baby
Hi Papa Jesus. Happy Father's Day.
Thank you for every thing that you have done for me,my parents and my siblings....Sorry to the things,words or actions that i made by mistake to you and to other people especially to my beloved Papa and Mama..and also to my siblings. Take care and we all love you so much...God...we love you so much.

Thank you for everything. We may not have said it often, but how could we let this day go by without saying how much you mean to us. We appreciate everything you did for us. Thank You!

Hey Dad, 
Love u so much.. however far from u but still i know u r always there for me as before. I remember all those days which we spend together happily. I know u r busy, even I m also but yet I miss u so much & don't think i forget this day bcoz u r only the person who taught me how to live life & how to fight against problems in your life.... thanks dad...thank u so much....I LOVE YOU. 

To my father, 
I am giving love from my heart to my loving father. I feel I am the luckiest person in the world b'cause I hove got such a great and loving father. 
Wishing u a very great Father's Day.
With lots of love

Thank you daddy for being there always. Everytime I see my children growing I have the need to look back to those things you taught me when I was a child. Even now I recognize that I'm still your little boy. 

I just wanted to say that I love you and hope that you have a great Father's Day. I really hope that one day we will be having Fathers Day with a new baby. I can't wait that's my dream. Once again I love you and thank you for loving me and being such a great daddy. 

I love you Papa. I know I am very rude at times but my love for you is endless. I cannot survive in this world if I don't have your support and love. Please forgive me for my wrong deeds.

You are the greatest dad in the whole world. I always see a friend in you and consider myself to be the luckiest daughter. Be like this forever. I love you a lot. 
Just a short message to say Happy Fathers Day! Have a great day. We both love you very much.
Love Asifa and Aisha

Dear Papa
Thank you 4 everything. We may not have said it often, but how could we let this day go by without saying how much you mean to us. We appreciate everything you have done for us. Thank You.
Lots of Luv
Ruchi Batheja

Dear Papa
You are the guiding star of my life who held my finger and showed me the path of knowledge and life. 
At times when my life was like a candle in the wind you put your hands around so that all all the burns were your and all the light was mine. 
Thanks for everything You did Papa
With lots of love

Respected Papa
I have always admired you and respected you for being the most upright person I have known in my life. I know you do not show your love for your daughters so openly but you love us a lot. I know I have hurt you a lot at times and let you down when you expected that I will prove myself. I am really Sorry Papa, but I did what I thought was good for me. I take responisibility of every decision I made. 

We might not have had a lot of interaction but you have made a maximum impact on the way I think and react. Your principles have been the guiding force in my life. I hope I will follow them all my life. 

Best part about you as a father has been that you never really taught us anything. You just lived your life and showed us the path of rightful living. You provided us with all the essentials of good life and never made us compromise on anything. Without ever showing how hard it could have been for you to provide such a decent life to all of us. 
Thank You for Everything
Your youngest daughter
Mitali Mishra

Dear Papaji
You are so selfless. Pouring unconditional love and blessings upon me. The kingdom of heaven abides in you and I hear God's voice each time u call me. My heart rejoices listening to your voice. You are the reason for the dreams I see. I believe in myself because you believe in me. 
With lots of Love
Amit Jain

Dear Dad
How are you? 
I miss you so much after coming to Delhi. Take care of Mama and yourself. I wish I could spend more time with you when I came down to Bangalore. Staying away from you I have realized the importance of you in my life. Thank you for loving and caring for me so much. 
Yours lovingly

Daddy u r no longer in my life but u will always be in my heart the only thing that i regret is u not being here when i have my first boyfriend. 
Silvia Garcia 

When I was born, 
You were there to catch me when i fall, whenever and wherever. 
When i said my first words, 
You were there for me, 
to teach me the whole dictionary if need be. 
When i took my first steps, 
You were there to encourage me on. 
When i had my first day at school, 
you were there to give me advice and help me with my homework. 
I still haven't finished school, 
or walked down the aisle, or had my first child. 
But i know you will be there for me through all these times and more, the good and bad. 
So i just wrote this to say 'I LOVE YOU DAD!!!' 

Louisa Mansfield

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