Sunday, 21 September 2014

Birthday Wishes Message for your Sister,

 I am lucky to have a sister like you,
 warm birthday wishes for a perfect sister.

You can choose your friends but not your family.
 You have been my family and friend
 lucky to have you as my sister,
happy birthday dear sister!

Birthdays never stop and you never can stop being my sister,
 both of these are good to happen. Happy birthday.

 You have been my first best friend, my dear sister
. Wish you a happy birthday.

A sister is someone special, who fights with me,
 cares for me, plays with me,
 suggests me things and shouts at me at times.
Whatever happens you are my sister forever.
Happy Birthday dear sister.

Wish you a day filled with happiness, fun, laughter and love.
 Enjoy your special day of life as you will have to wait till next year for this day.
 Happy birthday dear sister.

Golden moments in life come;
 the day you were born was one such unforgettable moment in my life.
 It is good to recollect that special moment in life.
Wish you a happy birthday my dear sister.

May god bless you with happiness and joy forever.
Wishing you a long life and a happy birthday dear sister.

You have shared joy, fun and have grown with me from childhood.
Childhood days are a great thing to remember
I am glad that you play a major part of my childhood.
 Happy Birthday My dear sister.

Happy birthday my sweet sister.
 We are sisters by god’s grace, friends by choice.
You are a major part of my childhood that can never be lost.
Thanks for being there for me during my hard times through these years
 And expecting you in future years like the same.

 Though we have had differences in opinion,
my heart and affections are always with you even when I am happy or sad.
 Blessings to you on this day of memories.

You have blossomed today just like a flower that has been growing on a plant so long
And I always have enjoyed you growing and wish you to shine so beautifully
like the flower that has just blossomed.
Happy birthday!

Without the water existence there are hardly plants which can live.
 Similar fashion I have always wanted you to be with me on every day and every moment.
And now I am very happy and enjoying in seeing you on this day you are born.
 Wishing you many more happy returns of the day.

 I see you are so beautiful on this day
And wish you a happy and long live birthday wishes
 On this birthday occasion.

The unheard melodies rendered by your affection are sweeter than the heard melodies.
 I would like to hear the unheard melodies along with the filled joy within you
 On such kind of wonderful birthday.
 Cheers and wishes on this wonderful day.

Trees, Plants and other natures are looking so fresh and brisk
In order to wish you on this more special and occasional day.

 The stars and lights have brought down their attention
 for wishing you a many more happy returns of the day.
 It is good to see them bless you also with their mightiness.

 Your love and affection to others were really great in helping people and needy.
Their blessings will always be there forever and wish you happy birthday.

 May the cheers and the celebration you have today be long lasting in your life
 With the wishes for your entire life on this day you were born.

 Blessed are those who really help the starving, needy and poor people.
 As your courtesy to others, their unheard wishes will definitely reach you in good health ever
 To make you be available for rendering your helping hands to others as well.
Blesses on your birthday.

 Please reserve your humbleness, cares, affection for others
 and am glad to wish you on this special occasion a happy and a prosperous birthday.

I remember holding you as a kid celebrating more birthdays and outings.
Now I am happier to watch you grow along with your humbleness.
I am blessed to have a sister like you and best wishes to you on this merry day of your birthday.

 Sisters are more than friends who help to understand the world better.
 You have helped me to overcome my sorrows and hard times.
 Hope you will be by my side always. Happy birthday.

 It is always fun to quarrel over silly things.
 It won’t be fun until you get a good companion to fight with.
Thanks for being my best companion in fights. Happy birthday my little sister.

 A sister is best friend brought to the world without having to choose.
 Great to have you as my sister. Happy birthday.

There is no substitute in this world to some relationships.
My dear sister you are one such person I would never miss.
 Happy birthday.

There are reasons that keep your childhood memories beautiful.
You played an important role in making my memories beautiful and memorable.
 Thank you for those beautiful moments in life that can never be brought back.
 Happy birthday dear sister.

 Whoever forgets to wish you on your birthday I will always be there to wish you.
 What to do if I forget? Simple come and fight with me as usual.
 Happy birthday I remember this time.
May be we can fight next time.

May all the sorrows blow off as you blow the candles.
 Hope all the sorrows get blown off every year like this.
 Happy birthday my sweet sister.

There may be gifts, flowers and many special things on your birthday.
I hope my wish will be something special that will make the day more special.
 Happy birthday sister.

 I am glad to have a wonderful sister like you.
It is a special day to wish you.
Happy birthday my sister.

 May god bless you with prosperity and good life.
 Wish you a happy birthday my dear sister.

 Hope I will find out the best gift for you at least on this birthday.
 A warm wish and a cold hug.
 Happy birthday my dear sister.

 You gave happiness to our parents this day when you were born.
 I was happy that I got a companion to spend time with.
 Many more happy returns of the day my sister.

 I have never seen the sun rising and setting so dull.
 There is more energy on both the times.
 I have observed the same energy in you
 and feel so proud to see you so more enthusiastic on this day of your birthday.
 May all your worries get dissolved and wiped away and shine always.
 Happy birthday to you.

All these years I have never enjoyed any fruitful moment better than celebrating with you.
And now it is your time of celebration and you looking very beautiful makes me to dance with you.
 Along with the wishes I wanted to thank you for your affection towards me.

Love is available in more human beings. One is really blessed when they have these qualities accompanied by the affection, caring and courtesy to others. You make me really happy about them and on this special day may you be filled and surrounded with the blessings from all.

 As Garden grows with the flowers, you have grown all these days with your kind hearted nature. This makes you to be outstanding person with a soft nature. I would like you to have your humble nature reserved and preserved for others.  On this happy return of this day, it is our chance to make all the difference. You have impressed already with your true heart. You are filled with flowers and blessings from all.

God blesses those people who take care of not only themselves, but also those who require love and affection. You are a wonderful person who is blessed this benevolent attitude, in taking care of every individual and maintain and display courtesy and affection to almost everybody. This soft heartened attitude makes all like you and exhibits their true affection for you. May you live long for the sake of people who are in need of love and affection. On this day of your Birthday I wish you all the best on behalf of all.

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