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Birthday Wishes for your friend and Birthday Messages For A Friend

You are my best friend and I am blessed
 To have a Good Friend like you
 Happy birthday Dear

 Birthday are a routine function
But Best Friends birthday is only once
 That is your birthday.
Happy Birthday to you

I must be lucky to have a Friend like you.
 I must be really lucky to have you as best friend
Happy birthday to you my dear Friend Friends

are our asset, and if asset is not good
They are ruined. I am lucky to have a friend like you
 As you the best asset I have
Happy birthday Special Friend

This birthday message is written by an humble person
Who was lucky to have not only your friendship,
 But also considered as best friend
Happy birthday to my dearest friend

 Birthdays like crowded market
We have to attend so many every year
 But Best friend’s birthday is only once
 I am glad for me that is your birthday
Happy birthday to you

You are my best friend
and when I wish you a birthday wish
I am get exited as it my best friends birthday
 Happy birthday to you

Your birthday are always amusing to me
 Because it is my best Friends Birthday

When you celebrate birthday
I am happy more than my birthday
 Because Best friend’s birthdays are
 always special than our own
 Happy birthday to you

 Birthdays are coming every week
 As we have to attend lots of them
But best friend’s birthday is only once
 which we will be waiting
 And I was waiting for your birthday
 Happy Birthday

This is best time for me to tell how much I thankful to have a friend like you,
 Wishing you the best birthday that is deserve for you.
Happy birthday!

Happy birthday friend!
 I hope that you will enjoy this day,
I wish a good health for you and your family.

 Searching for a truth and loyal friends is one of the hardest things to do,
 That’s why I am feeling so lucky to have you,
Happy birthday my dear friend!

Allow me to wish a wonderful and full of happiness day for you,
 As my token of appreciation for all the things you’ve done to me my friend
. Happy Birthday!

There are no sufficient words that I can say how thankful I am that you have been part of my life. So on this special day of yours,
 I would like to say thank you and very happy birthday to you my friend!

 Happy birthday my friend,
 More birthdays to come,
 And I hope that you will stay as you are right now.

I am so lucky to have a friend like you in my life!
 I don’t know what I would do without you.
 I hope your birthday is the best ever!

 For your special day, I wanted to let you know
how much I appreciate you so much.
You are always there for me when I need you,
 and I can’t thank you enough for it!

Only a true friend would remember
 to wish you a happy birthday,
 but forget to mention your age.

 I love being able to celebrate
 your birthday with you and
 can’t wait to celebrate many more.

Hope all your birthday wishes
come true. I love you my friend.
 Happy Birthday”

I will always be grateful for your
 friendship. Have the most
 wonderful birthday.

Thanks for giving me great
 memories that will last a lifetime.
 Happy birthday friend.

 Thank you for selflessly
 listening to all my problems
and helping me find a solution.
Hope you have a great birthday!

 I just want to know how special
 you are to me and that I was
 thinking about you on your special day!

Best wishes to you on your birthday,
 my best friend! No words can express
 my appreciation having you with me life.
 Thank you.

” You make my life so much easier
to get through with your positive
 attitude and your wicked sense of humor.
 I hope that you are as happy on
 your birthday as you make me.
 I love celebrating your birthday with you
 and not having to spend a lot on the present.
 Your present is really the shirt that
I borrowed from you years ago! Enjoy!

I love celebrating your birthday
 with you and not having to spend a lot on the present.
 Your present is really the shirt that
I borrowed from you years ago! Enjoy!

Every year you have a birthday
 is another year I get to celebrate
 the fact that you are a wonderful friend.

 As much as you have had to put up with me
 and my craziness this year,
 you deserve the best birthday ever.
 Here is to hoping that your birthday
is as awesome as you are a friend.

You have 24 hours to celebrate.
But let me steal a minute of your time to greet you.
Happy Wonderful Birthday!

Warm greetings to the one who’s reading this.
 Happy Birthday to the one I truly miss!

 I can tolerate your negativities.
 But I can’t tolerate a day without greeting you today.

 Happy Birthday!
 I may be dead next year so let’s go out and celebrate today.

 I thank big time to my strong memory for remembering the exact date of your birthday. Kidding! I know you’ll have Alzheimer’s first.

Birthdays are supposed to knock you down at the end of the day.
 So I hope you were able to talk with your boss on your expected absence tomorrow. Happy birthday!

 Share your God’s grace today for a change.
 Happy Birthday!

The wines and beers miss you already.
 Why keep us waiting?

I wish that you’ll find real friends in the future,
 Just as real as me.
 Happy Birthday!

 Wishing you a good career first before a good “family”!
Remember, “There’s always a time for everything
 And season for every activity in Heaven.
” Happy Birthday!

Now that we’re apart,
 I hope that you’ll find someone nearer to you whom you can laugh and cry with,
Because I am not there to be with you.
 Take a lot of care.
 Happy Birthday, still!

Remember those days when we’re happy?
 I hope you feel the same way today.
 Enjoy your day my dearest friend.
 Happy birthday!

A friend like you is hard to find,
 I hope God will give you a friend by your side.
 Even though I’m miles away,
 I am wishing you Happy Birthday.

 Happy Birthday to the most supporting,
 most giving, most passionate and
 most beautiful/handsome friend in the whole universe.
 Enjoy your day BFF!

We promise to stay together forever..
and I say even until hangover.
 I love you best friend Happy Birthday!
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