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Birthday Messages for Son, Birthday Wishes for your Son.

Birthday Messages for Son

I feel so blessed to have you as my son.
 On your birthday, I would like to wish you the best.
May you be successful on your pursuit to happiness.
Happy Birthday!

You are one of the most beautiful things that ever happen to me.
 For that, I thank God for giving me a wonderful child.
 Happy Birthday to you, my son!

I may have scolded you many times,
 I may appear strict and cold to you at times,
But keep in mind that I’m only like this because I Love you.
 And I want only the best for you.
Happy Birthday, kiddo!

Everytime I look at you, I’m reminded how life can be so beautiful,
 How God blessed and loved me so much.
For He gave such a wonderful and handsome child to me.
Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes Card for your Son

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  1. Superb birthday cards and wishes!! Thanks dear for sharing this wonderful idea. My son will turn 10 next month and I would love to make such a beautiful card on my own for his party. You know we are thinking to book one of his favorite event location rentals for party!

  2. Thank you very much for your valuable opinion.

  3. hello,
    this post is very useful for me. lot of thanks sharing this post.


    priya arora



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