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Best Birthday Wishes for your Husband, Romantic Birthday Messages for Husband,

Happy birthday honey!
Thanks for all the thing you’ve give to – love, care, time and attentions.
I hope that our relationship will last forever.
 I love you and enjoy you special day!

If there’s a man that I ask God for,
 A man that I’m waiting for,
And a man that I will love forever,
 It is you my dear husband – only you!
So be blessed and take care always sweetie.
 Happy Birthday!

You are now reached the best moment of your life.
 Enjoy this new chapter and welcome it with your whole heart.
 I am very happy that I become part of it.
Happy 50th birthday sweetie!

I am so thankful for God for the special give that he sent to me-
 And that is you my one and only love husband!
Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to best husband
 That anyone could ever have.
 You’re simply the best!
 I love you so.
 Happy Birthday, Hubby!

Just when I thought that it couldn’t get any better,
Each year is filled with more happiness.
 Have a great birthday!

For your birthday I have decide to tell you those
Three little words that I am constantly thinking but hardly ever say.
Ready? You’re so lucky!”

I hope that your birthday makes you as happy
 As I was when you said I do.
Happy Birthday to the best husband!

On your birthday,
 I wanted to let you know that
You are even hotter than the day I met you.
 Happy Birthday, sexy!

On your special day,
I want to tell you how much I appreciate everything you do for me.
 You make me the happiest man in the world.
 I will spend my whole life trying to return the favor!

I hope that all your birthday wishes come true!
 I love you, sweetheart!
 Have a blast on your birthday!

Happy birthday to the most loving and caring person I know!
 I’ve never been happier until I met you.
Happy Birthday!

Always remember that I am always here with your side,
 I wish a happiest birthday for you.
 Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Thank you for being there for me.
 Thank you for all the years that you have cared for me, for loving me selflessly.
Happy birthday to the most wonderful husband in the whole wide world!”

May all your dreams and admirations come true.
Just keep believing and wishing.
I love you and Happy Birthday Hubby!

I am lucky to have a Husband like you Happy Birthday to you
 my sweetheart

You are my love of life
 You are my inspiration of life
 You are my wealth of life
 and today is your birthday
 Happiest moments in my life
Happy Birthday my dear

I was like a fish in the sea until I met you.
You have given me dreams,
 You have give me happiness,
 And today I am more happy
To celebrating your another birthday
 Happy birthday to you

I was confused, you guided me
I was lonely, you gave me company
I was sad, you made me happy
 Now I am more happy today
 Because It is your birthday
Happy birthday to you, sweetheart

You came to my life in one day
 My time started revolving around you
Before marriage and after marriage has
 Become common phrase in my life
 I was rejoiced again and again as
 Happiness and celebration was filling in my life
 Happy birthday to you sweetheart

You came to my life with happiness and celebration
 Let us celebrate another birthday
 Happy Birthday to you sweetheart! 

Don’t complain about your increasing age.
Truth hurts but it will set you free.
 So break free my hubby.
 Happy birthday!

You have added another candle to blow on your cake.
 Isn’t that more exciting?
More candles to blow next year!
Happy birthday anyways

I got my gift wrapped up for you.
 I’ll be sending it next year.
 You have so many gifts today anyway.
 Hubby, I wish you a happy birthday!

Older but still young at heart?
It’s just a state of mind.
 But it’s your birthday.
So I’ll let you get away with that but only for today.
 Best wishes!

Romantic Birthday Messages for Husband,
Birthday quotes are also good way to greet someone a happy birthday. There are many romantic birthday quotes that you can send or write to the tag of your birthday present. Choose the best and the most romantic one to give your husband a loving feeling.

 When I was alone you cared me
When I was sad You made me happy
Happy birthday to you

Life is celebration ever since you came into my life,
 I am so happy to celebrate the birthday of you
 Who made my life a celebration

You came to my life like wave Wave
 of love that filled in my heart
Wave of happiness that filled in my heart
 Wave of kindness that filled in my heart
Happy birthday sweetheart

Happiness and you came to my life together
Happy birthday, my dear

For a wonderful and amazing husband for me ever,
I wish you a better life for today, tomorrow and forever.
 Happy birthday honey!

I can’t visualize the feeling of my life without a person like,
 Because when I met you, you change my life like a love bird.
 Know why? Because love bird without a partner can die,
 Like me without you, I’m lonely.
 So, be blessed you always honey.
 Happy Birthday!

 I may not be with you on your birthday
 But I’d like you to know that you will always be remembered
From the bottom of my heart, I Love you
Happy Birthday!

You will always be my number one
MY heart will always be yours
Wishing you all the best for your birthday
 Happy Birthday!

If I will be given a chance to wish for you,
 I’ll wish you to have a fulfilling and happy life
 Be with those people dear to you
 And have all of your dreams come true
Happy Birthday, Dear!

Birthday Wishes Card  for your Husband

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Wife, Birthday Wishes Card for Wife.

Best Birthday Wishes for your Husband, Romantic Birthday Messages forHusband,

Romantic Birthday Wishes Messages

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